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Management glossary

Definition of the main acronyms and expressions of the ERP

  • AFI

    Agri-food industry
  • Application Programming Interface

    A set of functions that an application can call to request another application to do something for it.
  • ASP

    Application Service Provider
  • BI

    For Business Intelligence or also DSS, denotes Decision Support System, the aim of which is to assist with decision-making and provide an overview of a company's business.
  • Cloud Computing

    Computing concept of using the memory and computing capacity of computers and servers connected by a network.
  • CMS

    Content Management System In French, "Système de gestion de contenu" (SGC): web applications used for the design and dynamic updating of web sites
  • CRM

    Customer Relationship Management, or in French "Gestion de la Relation Client" (see CRM)
  • CTI

    Computer Telephony Integration
  • DMS

    Dealer Management System, in other words, specialised ERP for car dealership professionals.
  • EAI

    Enterprise Application Integration. . Applications used for managing inter-application flows.
  • EAN

    European Article Numbering. The EAN code is the 8- or 13-digit barcode used to identify articles.

    Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard
    Secure communication protocol for the exchange of files between customers and banking institutions.
  • EDI

    EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange.
  • ERP

    Enterprise Resource Planning
    By definition, ERP software is designed to help organisations to make the best use of their resources.
  • ETL (Extract - Transform - Load)

    Computer technology used for the mass synchronisation of information from one database to another.
  • FRP

    Finance Resource Planning
  • EDM

    Electronic Document Management. Also called Electronic Information and Document Management
  • CMMS

    Computerised Maintenance Management System.
  • CPMS

    Computerised Production Management System
  • DBMS

    Database Management System
  • HRM

    Human Resource Management

    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. Analysis of hazards and critical points in view of controlling them. Method for identifying, evaluating and controlling potential food safety hazards.
  • Incoterms

    International Commercial Terms
    Term used to define the "rights and duties" of parties involved in international and domestic trade.
  • Local Area Network

    LAN: Local network of computers in a room or a building. It is possible to access the Internet via a LAN if it is connected to a device that is connected to the Internet.
  • MES

    Manufacturing Execution System
    This provides the information necessary for optimising production activities, from the creation of theWO to the finished product.
  • MPLS

    MultiProtocol Label Switching
  • MPS

    Master Production Schedule
  • MRP

    Material Requirement Planning
    Verification of the feasibility of production and the consistency of production chain information.
  • MRP2

    Manufacturing Resource Planning
    Extended version of MRP taking into account human resources and material requirements.
  • Multihoming

    Connection of a host to multiple network operators and/or Internet service providers.
  • OEE

    Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • OMR

    Optical Mark Recognition
    Codes printed on documents and used in particular for automatic enveloping
  • PAAS

    Platform As A Service - Hosting platform for the development of on-demand applications
  • Power Line Communications

    Communication solution via the electric grid (network inside a building or external power lines). Data transfer rates of several tens of Mbps can currently be achieved.
  • PLM

    Product Lifecycle Management consists of capitalising on all the information regarding an industrial product.
  • Punch Out

    "Punch Out" electronic catalogue which is archived by suppliers in their information system and not with the purchaser. It is generally accessed via a web interface.
  • RFID

    Radio Frequency IDentification - Identification technology used particularly in stock and warehouse management (WMS)
  • SCEM

    Supply Chain Event Management
    Management of every stage in the Supply Chain process aimed at improving the Service Level.
  • SCM

    Supply Chain Management
    Management of the supply chain and logistics.
  • SEPA

    Single Euro Payments Area
    Project aimed at harmonising payment methods in the European area.
  • SOA

    Service Oriented Architecture : software architecture based on a set of simple services. If it is based on web services, it is called WSOA.
  • SOP

    Sales and Operations Planning
  • SSA

    Software Service Agreement
  • SRM

    Supplier Relationship Management
  • SSII (or SS2i)

    "Société de services en ingénierie informatique" or Software engineering and services company
  • SSCC

    Serial Shipping Container Code (package serial number, 18-digit international code). For tracking and identifying a shipping unit in logistics.
  • TCO

    Total cost of ownership
  • Web services

    Computer program used for data interchange between programs, applications and heterogeneous systems, between separate platforms. Works on the Internet or on Intranet systems.
  • WMS

    Warehouse Management System: management of warehouses covering the entire supply chain.
  • Workflow

    Workflow, or Event-driven business process management.
    Automation of alerts and approval paths.