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Workflow and EAI

Proginov ERP provides a workflow engine that can model the company's business processes. You can define automatic alerts, data entry controls and approval paths to ensure that all processes run smoothly.


Internal and external flows communicated to the ERP

Executable throughout the ERP, the workflow engine models the task sequence of a process. It triggers configurable actions: database update, alert messages (by email, text, fax), and various processing actions.

And because getting different information systems to communicate with each other is a real headache for CIOs, Proginov ERP also incorporates an EAI feature (Enterprise Application Integration). The ERP data input and output streams are managed to enable in-house and external applications (suppliers or customers, for example) to dialogue more automatically, limiting manual actions, which can be sources of errors. Thanks to EAI, data exchanges are easy and efficient.

Approval via a mobile device

Approval processes in companies can be complex, for security reasons, or for information-sharing purposes. For example, an approval process for purchase invoices can be set up to carry out checks before paying suppliers.

With the workflow module, alerts on phones and tablets (by email or text) are a convenient and efficient solution, whether the decision maker is at a customer's site or even farther away. Given the increased mobility in today's businesses, it is important to be able to make decisions, approve credit notes and orders etc. from a smartphone.

EAI enables data exchange between the ERP and other applications, such as a customer order received as an attachment to an email, or a change to the product database when a supplier updates its catalogue.

Quick start templates

Proginov provides preconfigured templates as standard, including quotations to be followed up, approval of orders over a certain amount, outstanding receivables limit exceeded, delay on POs (production orders) and new document approval process. The templates can be modified as needed. The workflow engine has direct access to the ERP data to optimise and automate your business processes and minimise sources of errors.


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