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An optimised process management

The Proginov ERP system is a comprehensive management and production solution. It addresses the problems of the packaging and container sectors, from design to production to distribution.

Proginov ERP supports you in coordinating and managing your projects in real time. Whether you work with plastics, cardboard, paper, wood, glass, packaging for food, cosmetics or industrial products, Proginov manages all the aspects involved. The Proginov ERP solution optimises the management of your goods flows and financial flows, from production or raw materials sourcing to product distribution.

Proginov’s solution can be used to:

  • Structure your IT system
  • Obtain reliable indicators that can be used in real time
  • Keep inventory to a minimum and avoid stock-outs, reduce time-to-purchase and time-to-sale
  • Share and process data faster
  • Satisfy your customers and constantly adapt to their needs
  • Expand your sales
  • Increase the productivity of your teams
  • Manage your business in real time
  • Increase your company’s profitability


Design of special machines / packaging robots

For companies that make special machines or packaging robots
  • Project management
  • After-sales service
  • Job-based management

Design of packaging, containers and labels

For companies that write specifications for packaging and containers
  • Project management
  • Product Life Management (PLM)
  • job costing management
  • Ready for press management

Production of packaging, containers and labels

For manufacturers that produce and/or print their packaging and containers
  • Production management
  • BOMs and routings
  • Production order, planning, scheduling
  • Logistics
  • Requirements planning
  • Print-run optimisation
  • Traceability

Commerce of packaging, containers and labels

For packaging and container dealers
  • Commercial management
  • CRM
  • Marketing
  • Inventory management
  • Freight file and container management
  • E-commerce


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