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Chain of quality control of meat trays

Monitor your products from one end of the chain to the other

Agri-food professionals face continuous change in a highly competitive environment. With sustainable development requirements, new consumer habits and expectations and raw material price increases, agri-food companies have to be able to react rapidly to such developments. As a result, it's vital that they choose a management tool tailored to their business.


In addition to the conventional management tools (purchases, sales, stock, accounting and payroll) in its ERP software, Proginov offers industry professionals a wide range of solutions that meet the sector-specific requirements of agri-food distribution and production.

For example, the formulation management integrated into the ERP system can be used to design (during both R&D and production) end products in accordance with the characteristics of each batch of raw materials.

The traceability management feature in the Proginov ERP system makes it possible to trace a raw material, intermediate or end product upstream and downstream in just a few seconds.

Electronic Document Management (EDM) allows users to store supplier compliance certificates, product technical data sheets and documents sent to the customer.

In-line production monitoring displays enable material consumption and quality control monitoring during production.

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) completes the Proginov solution, with multi-warehouse support, multi-location stock, forecasts and stock analyses. The incorporation of tools such as voice picking and RF terminals provides greater responsiveness when receiving goods from suppliers and preparing customer orders.

Integrated CRM allows users to analyse customer information (sales and accounting) and produce non-conformity declarations associated with a delivered batch number, as well as managing returns.

The integrated Workflow engine can be used to make settings for alerts and checks for every process in the ERP system.

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