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Automated production line in modern food factory.

 Job-based production 

Proginov ERP has an integrated job costing management solution for manufacturing complex one-off products or very small batch runs. Our solution has the capability to handle all the phases of small batch production.


Manufacturing complex one-off products or very small batch runs

The Proginov ERP job costing management system is designed for manufacturers of complex products that require progress billing, or for which job costing must be determined even before carrying out a detailed engineering study.

Examples include manufacturers of special machines, design offices, aerospace subcontractors, firms specialising in precision machining, mechanics, welding, sheet metal work, modular construction, swimming pools, shipbuilding, as well as defence and railway industry suppliers.

The solution for the different job phases

Proginov ERP has a solution for each of the different job phases: engineering study (by a design office), quotations, design, manufacturing, testing, implementation and maintenance.

Via the configurator and/or based on the study data, Proginov ERP creates quotations to be used as a basis for the contract. Bills of material and/or routings and plans are retrieved automatically through interfaces with CAD software (Solidworks, Autocad, etc.) to avoid re-entering data. The plans are filed in EDM, providing easy access for users (see EDM documentation).

The ERP controls the requirements in terms of storehouse stock, production, subcontracting and purchasing. Next, the execution process begins: project monitoring via job costing management and production management, time and cost tracking (assembly, implementation, testing at the customer's site, etc.) for progress billing as necessary. .

An integrated solution, a decisive advantage

Proginov ERP offers a unique solution including job-based management, costing, production, stock, purchasing, analytics and maintenance, all with an integrated EDM system. To develop this solution, we drew on our vast expertise in the building industry and the production of custom industrial doors and windows.

Another advantage is that the job cost report provides a cost/revenue analysis. The best way to determine profitability!

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