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Integrate telephony into your ERP system

CTI (Computer-Telephony Integration) makes it easier to access and circulate information about telephone calls made and received by connecting them directly to the Proginov ERP system.

The call supervision application associated with your IP telephony infrastructure provides automatic identification of customers', suppliers' and other callers' telephone numbers. Based on Cisco call centre technology, it can be integrated seamlessly into your management applications.

Interaction with the Proginov ERP system is complete. Events can be associated with a response from your Proginov management applications, such as opening the customer record linked to the incoming call number.

Telephony configuration

  • ERP users associated with Cisco terminal equipment
  • Terminal settings retrieved in the ERP

Telephony administration

  • Manage interception groups
  • Manage mobility groups
  • Manage ERP functions and associated parameters
  • Access rights to programs


  • Manage interceptions and call transfers
  • Display pop-up when receiving a call
  • Outgoing calls from all Proginov ERP modules
  • Manage favourites
  • Monitor telephones
  • An ERP program opens when a call is received (linked to the caller's phone number). For example: The customer's sheet opens when the call is received, intercepted or terminated. An ERP script can also be created, for instance another page opens when the customer sheet is closed.
  • Configurable by the user
  • Manage telephone availability (presence), pause mode
  • Instant messaging
  • Call and connection history (missed calls, received calls, voicemail)
  • Manage supervisors: interception, call recording, call monitoring
  • Manage call statistics (number, duration, missed calls, ratio between calls and orders)
  • Manage a call centre with automatic forwarding of calls to a usual contact, department, etc.
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