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Auto mechanic checking on a tablet the repair tasks to perform on the vehicle

Management of workshops, garages and parts dealers

Workshop and parts sales management is designed for LCV/HGV garages, carriers, dealerships, new and used equipment sales and even after-sales service.


Repair management

Proginov ERP workshop management is a repair management system in the broad sense. It is ideally suited for car and lorry repair garages, carriers, dealerships, and new and used equipment sales. Parts dealers can also use Proginov ERP to manage their stocks and warehouses.

Overview of features

Workshop management is based on Proginov ERP data and handles all types of repair requests. The equipment pools are fully customisable (labels, custom fields, etc.)
Workshop management generates a check-in slip listing the work needed. The customer can choose which work should be performed. Once the slip is approved, it is printed, along with the checklists and the repair order.
As work progresses, the technician enters the time spent using the time tracking tool. The workshop supervisor can correct or approve the time tracked. He also enters the parts and labour used and approves the repair order (RO), which is automatically converted into a delivery note (DN) and then an invoice.

Connected workshop management

Proginov ERP workshop management provides automated preventive emailing (required inspection and service reminders, lists of defects, etc.).
The vehicle repair work can be entered on a tablet (photos of body damage, specific work to do, etc.).
The system provides statistics including the history of repairs and profitability analysis to improve performance.
The solution also supports manufacturer warranties. It can also be combined with the workshop business intelligence dashboard of Proginov Analytics.

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