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Proginov ERP in SaaS mode

Why choose a Cloud-based ERP? Choosing Proginov ERP in SaaS mode means focusing on your business, securing your IT system, improving service quality and embracing innovation.

Why deal with IT issues yourself?

Because your core business is the most important thing, choosing a Cloud-based ERP means focusing on what matters most, without having to deal with fleet and infrastructure management, maintenance or backups.

Data security

Choosing a Cloud-based ERP also means ensuring a level of security that is difficult to match in on-premise architecture, given the investment, human resources and technical skills required to roll out and maintain information systems, and what’s more, the need to stay abreast of changing information security threats and countermeasures.

Quality of service

Switching your ERP to the cloud also ensures a rapid upturn in your quality of service thanks to 24/7 software and technical support. We offer round-the-clock customer support on all things ERP, including related services such as electronic documentation, banking services, e-commerce sites, messaging etc. Hosted mode offers superior flexibility and speed of use. Just recruited a new sales rep in Australia? They can be up and running in a few clicks. Are you buying our a rival company? Speed up the transition process.

Embrace innovation

Finally, choosing Proginov ERP and our private Cloud means embracing innovation. You’ll get a dedicated team, the latest generation hardware (servers, storage media, firewalls, network cores, etc.) and the guarantee that you will always be operating the latest version of Proginov ERP.

Cloud hosting ecosystem

Included services

Services Proginov SaaS
Focus on your core business Option included
Our technical and Proginov applications experts available 24/7 Option included
Proginov is responsible for the integrity, availability and confidentiality of your data Option included
Proginov manages all aspects of the "Licenses" Option included
99.999% availability of the entire service (average over 10 years) Option included
Enhanced security and dynamic monitoring of illegal activities Option included
Flexible infrastructure Option included
Ongoing updates of the environment (Exchange, Office, etc.) Option included
Constant optimisation of environment performance Option included
Fully redundant service Option included
Rapid implementation of your environment and roll-out of new services Option included
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