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After sales service and customer support

Customer Relationship

The Proginov ERP CRM supports every aspect of your relationship with your customers regardless of the channel. Your sales force or after-sales service can easily and effectively process incoming calls or emails.


CRM, a key business strategy

Customer relationship management has become one of the main concerns of businesses. Whenever you want to manage, facilitate, streamline or analyse the relationship with your customers or prospects, the Proginov ERP CRM will help you provide a rapid and appropriate response to your customers, regardless of the channel used.

Manage marketing campaigns (targeted customer emailing, behavioural analysis), sales calls (take orders, customer satisfaction surveys, product presentations, etc.), hotlines (track complaints), telesales (call centre management), after-sales (track interventions on-site or in the workshop), for sales administration (track follow-ups) for the quality department (track internal or customer nonconformities). CRM can be used in many ways by office staff and field staff alike..

From marketing to after-sales service

The Proginov ERP CRM handles incoming contacts whether by telephone, web or email. Thanks to telephony integration, the call can trigger different actions as needed, like opening an order form for the customer, or being automatically directed to a specific contact person.

Indispensable tool for telesales centres or after-sales services, it handles events, interventions and/or actions, from opening to closing. Event-driven messaging in the ERP improves the relationship process through its configurable alert system.

Access to all enterprise resources facilitates teamwork (calendars and meetings, room bookings, equipment reservations, etc.). Users (technicians, operators, sales representatives, etc.) can plan out and view their routes on a map.

The Proginov ERP CRM is the indispensable tool for field staff, who can use it both in the office and in the field to show products or catalogues, view outstanding receivables or enter visit reports.

Not only can the CRM manage incoming contacts, it can also create them. After defining a target based on customer data, sales history, etc., users can generate their own mailing campaigns (text message, mail, email).

Much more than a CRM

The fully integrated Proginov ERP CRM is based on the principle of organisational effectiveness. It offers a personalised relationship: personalised emailing, compliance with commercial agreements, volume commitments. Analysis reports (Pareto, custom statistics, etc.) make it a real management tool. Fully configurable (charts, screens, reports, forms, analyses), it adapts to your business applications.

And for total efficiency, field staff can use it in synchronised or unsynchronised mode for continuous activity, regardless of the physical setting, on a tablet, smartphone or laptop.

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