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Analytical dashboards

Business Intelligence and Reporting

The Proginov business management ERP system incorporates a new-generation business intelligence tool that democratises access to information within the company. Business users can quickly create customised balanced scorecards. Using "in-memory" technology, the answers to questions can be found in just a few clicks.


Access to data

  • Tune into your business data with unlimited access. “In-memory” technology lets you manage and analyse large volumes of stored data. With the associative vector database, you can take advantage of existing links between your data to refine analyses in just a few clicks.
  • We supply standard applications that cover a range of business sectors. They form a sound base for implementing the tool.
  • You can add to the library of business indicators provided (turnover, margin, etc.) to suit your requirements. You can create an unlimited number of documents and cross-reference data from different environments (commercial management, accounting, payroll, etc.).

Reduced development time

  • The intuitive interface and operating logic make it quicker to implement than conventional business intelligence solutions.


  • Once defined, the data model enables users to build pick lists, two-way tables or graphs without worrying about technical constraints, cardinality or joins between tables.
  • You can develop dashboards independently at every stage of the chain, from data modelling to building and customising the dashboard.
  • Proginov gives you your source data in the form of a file library that’s an exact copy of your data stored in the ERP databases. Once the files have been retrieved, you can feed them into your documents and build them independently. This method is 10 to 100 times faster than conventional data reading.

Security and availability

  • BI documents are published on our servers, which means that they benefit from the power, security and confidentiality afforded by Proginov’s hosting service.
  • Data can be accessed via the ERP menu, in an application window, in the same way as statistics.
  • Access rights to the data are managed according to the access rights set up for the ERP system.

Mobile solutions

  • The applications can also be accessed via a web portal, PDA, smart phone, tablet, etc.


  • Analysis criteria and filters can be selected in just a few clicks, with real-time recalculation of the entire dashboard!
  • Criteria and filters selected can be saved as favourites
  • Collaborative mode lets you share documents on-line with other users, annotate them and add personal items
  • Google-type searching (full text, partial, fuzzy)
  • Management of images and colour indicators
  • Option of browsing through data hierarchies (drill-down, tree structures, etc.)
  • Comparative analysis of two data sets
  • Export data to Excel
  • Viewing of data on Google maps
  • Creation of PDF reports on the fly and emailing of the file with data specific to the recipient


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