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Finding the right Cloud-based ERP solution for you

Developers: cloud solutions for your customers

Are you looking to provide your customers with an outsourced cloud solution, including software hosting, without handling all the infrastructure management that such services entail?

Proginov can offer solutions tailored precisely to your requirements: IaaS, SaaS, PaaS… Proginov works hand-in-hand with you to create made-to-measure solutions. Each partner is unique, and each partnership is different (services, responsibility, technical and commercial support, etc.)

Customer testimonials


Developer: Intégral Data Santé

Town/City: Rungis

Activity: Software developer for health in the workplace

Project context: We were looking for an accredited health data hosting service for our customers.

Services required: We were keen to find a solution which incorporated a business continuity plan (BCP).

The Proginov solution: We chose Proginov because they have their own infrastructure. We were also impressed by the proximity and availability of their technical teams. Proginov is an approachable, dependable partner based in France.


Developer: Winpharma

Town/City: Arzon

Activity: A leading provider of software and hardware solutions for pharmacies. Winpharma now supplies over 5100 pharmacies.

Project context: Hosting of health data in France is strictly regulated by the Health Authority, due to the sensitive nature of such information. In order to expand our solutions we needed an accredited hosting partner.

Services required: We wanted a secure data back-up service which complied with the Health Authority requirements.

The Proginov solution: We chose Proginov for the quality of their support services and their excellent value for money.

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