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Business solutions

Handshake during a business deal


Purchasing, sales, stock, pricing, statistics, after-sales service, etc.

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Production technician


Production, supply chain, EDM, formulation, embedded systems, etc.

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Agrifood production chain


Production, traceability, formulation, distribution, quality, etc.

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Store sale


Points of sale, payment collection, distribution, loyalty, stock and batch management, etc.

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Vehicle control

Automotive - LCV/HGV

Maintenance, pool management, workshops, spare parts, subcontracting, equipment manufacturers, etc.

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Store management


Clothing, size and colour management, variations, seasonality, etc.

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Site supervision

Construction & Civil engineering

job costing management, planning, construction sites, rental, materials, resources, calls for tender, interim invoices, etc.

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Wood storage

Timber industry

Traceability, processing, sawing, blank cutting, drying, importing, etc.

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wooden and aluminum fittings


Configurator, complex variants, CAD interfacing, etc.

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View of a quarry

Quarries and sand pits

Mining, equipment pools, transport, multiple deliveries, badge management, etc.

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cardboard pallets


Production, machinery pools, packaging, distribution, etc.

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Trucks arriving in warehouses


Buying group, multi-company, flow and stock monitoring, reporting, SSCC, etc.

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Bus transportation


Goods and passenger transport professionals

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Aircraft repair and maintenance shop

Aeronautical sub-contracting

Manage your sub-contracting operations in the aeronautical sector

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