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Hosting solutions

Host since 2001, Proginov offers various Cloud solutions in IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, from hosting its own ERP to the outsourcing of complete information systems. Proginov is ISO 27001 and HDS certified for its Information System hosting activities, health data and business applications published by third parties. Discover our solutions and our infrastructures ...

French datacentre, Proginov server room

Information systems

Proginov's cloud solutions: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, comprehensive technical information management, outsourcing of applications and Proginov's made-to-measure services available 24/7.

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Doctor on a home call consulting patient's file using a tablet

E-healthcare and confidential data

Proginov has been delivering Health data hosting certified solutions for the healthcare sector since 2012. In France, the hosting of health data is strictly regulated.

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Proginov cloud hosting

Proginov ERP in SaaS mode

Proginov's software suite is available in cloud mode: boost your productivity and embrace innovation, with Proginov ERP in SaaS mode.

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Become a Proginov partner

Partner developers

Drawing on a wealth of specialist experience, Proginov works with software developers to help them outsource operations and create attractive services in hosted mode.

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The Proginov II Datacentre near Nantes

Proginov Datacentres

Proginov has been a trusted hosting partner since 2001. A 100% French private cloud service, developed and consolidated over two decades.

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