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Proginov ERP How to choose your ERP for for medium-sized enterprises?
Proginov Datacenters How to outsource your information system?

ERP solution for medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprises

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Business solutions

Solutions tailored to your business and integrated into the horizontal management of your company.

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Accounting and Finances

Proginov Accounts Management shakes up conventional thinking about accounting software, providing a highly intuitive approach while ensuring complete compliance with accounting procedures.

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Payroll and HR

The Proginov ERP system incorporates Human Resource Management with the aim of enhancing the organisation of people within the company by optimising employees' activities and skills.

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Proginov datacentres near Nantes

Private Cloud 

Proginov Datacentres. Proginov offers secure cloud solutions for hosting information systems: responsible and fully personalized offers.

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A single point of contact for a responsible service

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ERP publisher

A provider of business management solutions in the French market for the past 20 years, Proginov is now a leading ERP publisher.

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Since 2001, its strategy has been based on its mastery of SaaS hosted mode. This dual role as a publisher and host gives Proginov a major advantage as it reduces the number of intermediaries and means that it is the only responsible point of contact for its customers, who have the freedom to choose either client-server mode or hosted mode any time they want.

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Determined to offer genuine service continuity, Proginov is one of those rare market players to be both a publisher and integrator of its own solutions, thanks to business project managers capable of delivering the most relevant technical assistance to customers day-to-day.

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Proginov provides a 24/7 application and technical hotline from its offices to respond directly to customers and support them on a day-to-day basis.


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