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Rental management

Proginov ERP rental management facilitates the management of all types of rentals or reservations: vehicles, construction machinery, machine tools, real estate, construction modules, handling equipment, fresh product containers, etc.


All forms of rental and leasing

Renting out property or equipment is no longer just the preserve of leasing specialists. More and more companies are diversifying their business by offering rental services to meet their customers' urgent requirements.

Proginov ERP features an integrated rental management module that works well both for companies whose principal activity is leasing and those who wish to develop and manage a rental activity in addition to their core business.

This feature is for car rental agencies, garages or dealerships with a fleet of vehicles for rent or lease, as well as for all companies that rent or lease equipment (machine tools, construction equipment, containers, etc.), or manage real estate.

Managing rental pools

You can manage and print your contracts listing products or equipment rented, additional services to be invoiced (transport, installation) and related services (after-sales, inspection visits).

The feature allows you to manage all movements (arrivals, departures) and view inventory and schedules as well as the history of all contracts and items rented.

Invoices can be generated automatically on the basis of current contracts, over a period, for one customer or in bulk. The ERP can calculate the rental prices in various ways (based on arrivals/departures, invoicing frequency, single service) and penalty charges for unreturned equipment.

Full integration that enhances the value

Fully integrated into the Proginov ERP system, the powerful rental management module lets you optimise your organisation in tracking the different stages of a rental.

It does so using the basic elements of product management (simple equipment) and pool management (registered equipment) natively integrated into the ERP system. Thanks to its configuration tool, it can be tailored to your business needs.

It has strong links to quotation management for bidding and recording contracts, and also takes advantage of the power of CRM (schedules, after-sales service) and price and inventory management to optimise your rental tracking.

Full integration also provides advanced analytical job costing management tools with multi-criteria retrieval of contract data.


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