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Wooden and aluminium fittings

Visualise your products and streamline production

Proginov ERP lets you manage the business needs specific to the Timber-PVC-Aluminium-Steel sector. You can manage the design and production of custom doors and windows in small and medium runs while controlling lead-times and costs arising from product diversification.


Visualise the final rendering of the product

Proginov ERP production management integrates the specific needs of complex custom manufacturing of products such as doors, windows, shutters and stairs in PVC, wood, steel or aluminium, to facilitate sales and/or production.

Comprehensive production management

Proginov ERP industrial joinery management integrates bills of materials and dynamic routings to handle custom manufacturing workflows and/or subcontracting. The standard features of industrial production management, such as material requirements planning, technical files and workshop input, optimise cutting and yields.

The production management system is fully integrated and supports data synchronisation with additional features such as warehouse management, time clock management, procurement, commerce, etc.

Furthermore, the customisable EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) engine provides the ability to exchange data between the ERP and other applications like WinPro, EasyWin, Cover, Jackal, Window Maker and more.

Commercial and industrial configurator

The commercial and industrial configurator in Proginov ERP enables data entry operators to input complex products in multiple materials, dimensions and forms. With the web extension of the configurator, individuals or installers can perform these operations themselves, remotely. The web extension feature facilitates order taking by enabling end customers or installers to visualise and determine the cost of complex products such as doors and windows.

By answering a series of questions that define characteristics such as dimensions, material and colour, the end user can see what their windows and doors will look like based on the type of glazing and hardware selected, and get an idea of the cost. A list of certified installers can also be recommended.

Installers can fill out the different variables and place an order with their supplier, at the customer's site via a tablet or at the office via their PC. An item is out-of-stock? The web configurator communicates directly with the ERP system and informs users in real time of out-of-stock items. When the installer logs in to the website, he automatically benefits from the pricing terms granted to him in the ERP. Finally, he can check the windows and doors selected thanks to the real-time visualisation. 
For manufacturers, this Proginov ERP feature eliminates interface difficulties and greatly reduces data entry requirements, thanks to an open system that meets the needs of BtoB and BtoC applications.


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