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Job costing management

Job costing management allows you to set up project monitoring for each customer and keep track of the cost price calculated. The history of expenses relating to the project and details of interim invoices makes it easier to compare costs with initial budgets and check for discrepancies. The job-based solution is integrated seamlessly into the Proginov ERP system and can be used in a number of sectors, such as construction, civil engineering, concrete, specialised machinery, etc.


Custom product management

If you manage jobs, construction sites, projects or any other unique products with multiple stakeholders, you need Job costing management. No matter what type of project, whether it be building a road or remodelling a house, it helps you manage custom jobs.

Budget control

The goal of Proginov ERP Job costing management is to calculate, in real time, the margin and profitability of a job. As everyone knows, controlling these components is the key factor for the success of a job. Job costing management is the cornerstone of success, enabling you to easily monitor budgets, control profitability and ensure that deadlines are met, even on long-term projects. This will improve your customer satisfaction rate.

Another important feature of our business is design entry. You can draw up quotations based on batches or phases and reference a library of work. This makes it faster and easier to draw up quotations. You can also import calls for bids in CSV format or via an interface with the bid search features.

Finally, the Proginov ERP invoicing module provides customisable invoicing templates (progress as a percentage or as a quantity). Everything works in real time and is natively integrated with accounting, payroll, EDM, etc.

ERP integration

The Proginov ERP Job costing management is integrated with many features of the ERP. For example, it dovetails seamlessly with EDM (Electronic Document Management) so all your documents are centralised and easily accessible by all users. The powerful purchase management and workforce management modules are ERP components that can make Job costing management even more valuable.

The solution can also be combined with Proginov Analytics, the business intelligence module of Proginov ERP, which is based on the consolidated cost price data of the jobs.

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