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Healthcare services management

Monitor and support your home-visit patients, storing their data in a secure environment. The Proginov solution for managing in-home healthcare services allows you to keep track of patients and their administrative records, as well as hosting their data in a secure environment approved by the French Health Department.

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An ERP designed for home healthcare professionals

Proginov ERP Health is designed for use by in-home care providers whose day-to-day activities may include patient monitoring, the sale or hire of medical equipment, and even the design and creation of prosthetics or other devices.
The range of applications is hugely varied, from orthopaedics to diabetes treatments, enteral and parenteral nutrition, care for Parkinson's patients etc.

Keeping track of patients on mobile devices

Patients' personal data are stored when they are first added to the system. This information is then used to invoice the social security department or private health insurance company directly. Thanks to Proginov ERP’s commercial management and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, users can monitor and invoice services, keep track of the healthcare professionals and partners (hospitals, retirement homes, doctors, nurses etc.) involved with each case, monitor orders, deadlines and deliveries, manage stocks and track batch numbers and serial numbers for traceability, etc.
The mobile application, meanwhile, helps users to manage the mandatory legal records and provides easy-to-use indicators for monitoring patients. You can manage appointments, medical procedures, on-call hours, returns and batch recalls, stocks, orders and deliveries and complaints, as well as develop new relationships with healthcare professionals.

A-Z healthcare services management

The in-home healthcare services management system incorporates a full sales management and after-sale service ERP, powerful tools for comprehensive professional support. The mobile application is one of the greatest assets of this solution, helping healthcare professionals to keep track of their patients when on the go.
Last but not least, the data recording tool greatly simplifies the administrative tasks required of professionals. Proginov ERP allows you to automate numerous processes and avoid time-consuming repeat entries.
What's more, since Proginov has government accreditation for the hosting of health data, healthcare professionals can benefit from the simplicity of having a single service provider for all their infrastructure service needs.

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