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Extend your business across borders via the Internet. Organise your online sales sites as you choose using Proginov content management (CMS) and update content at any time, in line with your company's design guidelines. Guarantee your customers and partners real-time, up-to-date information about your stock, prices and pricing terms, together with secure online payment.


Showcase websites, BtoB and BtoC e-commerce, buying groups

Do you need a showcase website to increase the visibility of your company and your product brands? Does your business require a BtoB or BtoC merchant website showing your product catalogues? Are you a buying group that wants to manage your members, distributors or suppliers to share information collaboratively? Proginov Web offers a solution that lets you manage your content easily and efficiently.

A website updated in real time

Thanks to native links between the ERP system and Proginov Web, your site is updated continuously. You manage your items, price lists and stock from the ERP and view the changes in real-time on your e-commerce website. Product positioning, customer terms, etc. are accessible from the web. The same database can be used for multiple websites: BtoB, BtoC for example.

For BtoC websites, you can add special offer codes, newsletters, online payment, comments, cross-channel loyalty (including in-store sales) and more.

For BtoB websites, you can manage an extranet displaying only a product catalogue. Authenticated customers can access all prices and their own price terms recorded in the ERP. Your customers can also place orders by code and quantity or by sales journal, use saved shopping carts, import Excel files, etc. You can also create questionnaires to query your customers.

Thanks to the web-based configurator, you can also create and send out design scenarios of complex products.

Monitor website activity with ERP statistics, login tracking, search histories and Google Analytics.

Maintaining the website accessible to all

Proginov Web offers to create your website based on your visual identity guidelines (developed by your service provider, or by us based on one of our templates). With the CMS (Content Management System) of the Proginov ERP system, you will manage your content yourself, from the ERP, thanks to HTML templates. No special IT skills required, and no need to use other solutions available on the market. You will easily manage the page tree structure and user rights (internet, extranet or intranet).

The Proginov CMS optimises content for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and offers a responsive web design compatible interface for easy usability of your website on a smartphone or tablet.

You can add Electronic Document Management websites, workflow websites, web configurator and collaborative portals to Proginov Web e-commerce websites (see Collaborative Web Documentation).


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