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The Retail sector

Features of the point of sale management system

Manage point of sale and buying group consolidation

Manage purchasing, inventory and store deliveries

Product databases

Supplier rating

Direct emailing campaigns (BO + FO)

Business intelligence dashboards (BO + FO)

  • Statistics on stores, surface area, departments, etc.

Manage stocks

  • Cash register module integrated into the Proginov ERP system with comprehensive inventory management, including the following functions: purchase order chain, stock receipts without order, stock issues other than invoiced, stock adjustment, inventory count, stock viewing, various stock reports

Sales statistics

  • Sales statistics by company, customer and item
  • Quick view of sales
  • Daily activity report: print-out showing the monthly and annual cumulative totals for sales, purchases and losses


Payment processing

Cash register receipts/payments

  • Access cash register by barcode, conventional keyboard, touchscreen
  • Each register is identified by a code and a title

Sales receipts

  • Create personalised receipt (thanks to the Proginov ERP customer database) and print invoice
  • Sales receipt queuing (enables entry of several sales receipts at the same time)
  • Reprint and cancel a sales receipt from all of the sales receipts printed since the last full (Z) closeout

Configure sales receipt layout

  • Configure line by line choosing the information type (database fields, texts, function results, etc.)
  • Configure per cash register, warehouse, and/or company
  • Insert images and logos
  • Preview sales receipts

Store sales

  • Enter sales by calling the item up in the database or by barcode
  • Enter sales using touch buttons
  • Multiple payment modes for a single sales receipt (gift vouchers, meal vouchers, etc.)

Resume documents

  • In store, resume quotations, orders, delivery notes, sales receipts on hold

Dual screen

  • Configure zones (texts, images, videos)
  • Template schedule by cash register, warehouse, and/or company
  • Promote products

Customer loyalty

  • Find loyalty card by card number, customer name or date of birth
  • Cumulative points total on card and on sales receipt (free gift, etc.)
  • Manage multiple cards
  • Configure calculation modes with constraint management
  • Direct emailing

Interim closeout report (X)

  • Display and print the interim closeout (X) report for the current cash register in order to check details of entries or provide a complete summary since the last full (Z) closeout

Customer credit notes

Global Z closeout reports

  • On an external workstation, groups together sales from all cash registers combined

Customer credit and customer service

Checkout stations

Global cash register control by checkout station user

Mobile payment processing on tablets or laptops

Multiple payment methods

Equipment loans

Cash register scales (IPFNA test certification)

Exchanges with EPTs (payment terminals)

Localised versions (multi-language)

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