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Production management

Proginov ERP production management ensures the availability of resources, increases productivity through flexible design and analysis tools, and manage all types of production processes in compliance with traceability requirements.


Modular and flexible production management

Whether for manufacturing, continuous, batch or one-off production, CAPM (Computer Aided Production Management) by Proginov is designed for industrial companies in all sectors. 
It is aimed at businesses that want to increase their productivity and control their manufacturing processes. 
Thanks to its modular design, Proginov ERP can adapt to business requirements (such as regulatory compliance required by process industries, in agri-food or chemistry for example), and deploy the functional parts needed for each process performed by the company.

Comprehensive production management

Production management is fully integrated in the Proginov ERP, including management of procurement, sales, inventory and delivery.

By effectively managing BOMs, components and routings, it is ideally suited to the different manufacturing methods used.

While respecting quality and traceability requirements, the production manager can control the workload, monitor subcontracting and ensure optimal inventory management.

You can manage production flows based on requirements planning and the production master schedule, and control costs by scheduling material, financial and human resources effectively.

Finally, various indicators offer a comprehensive analysis of production, such as OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness, the performance indicator) and production frequency, elements that help control and calculate the cost price and create a production history.

Simulation and anticipation, the watchwords of the Proginov ERP production management system

The Proginov ERP production management module offers many features to aid simulation and manufacturing. The integrated technical configurator, an essential feature for companies manufacturing custom products, can be transposed on the web.

The forecasting tool can anticipate delays and overloads and improve responsiveness.

Furthermore, the control system facilitates data interpretation. The information transmitted to the workshops (by RF terminal, on-board terminal or in-line screen) can be configured to facilitate the processes and understanding. By streamlining the information (particularly with suppliers and subcontractors), production management improves operational results and reduces costs.

At Proginov we are always attentive to our customers, and as a publisher and integrator we are constantly upgrading our production management system to made the modules more functional and user-friendly. Over 1000 customers have placed their trust in Proginov.

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