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Accounting and finances

Proginov Accounts Management shakes up conventional thinking about accounting software, providing a highly intuitive approach while ensuring complete compliance with accounting procedures (BO 13 L-1-06).


Multi-company accounting, from the chart of accounts to cost accounting

Proginov Finance is often the first step towards a comprehensive information system. It is an integral part of the Proginov ERP but can also be used as a stand-alone system. It is designed for mid-sized companies, but also for groups wishing to manage the chart of accounts or cost accounting in common or customisable with a vision of intra-group flows (invoices, bank transfers), a cash flow position, account queries or multi-company print-outs.

Comprehensive accounting management

Proginov Finance is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive systems on the market. In addition to traditional financial and cost accounting, it also incorporates capital asset management, cash flow management, budget management, etc. 
The cost accounting management module combines several related or independent areas. It also includes grouping sections and pre-established posting specifications. 
The numeric or alphanumeric cost accounting sections are available per level with cost allocation keys on variable units. The purpose of Proginov Finance is to provide constantly updated, unique and centralised information on the entities. It also helps harmonise the processes.

More than a control tool, a decision-support tool

Graphs often provide a different vision that can make the data easier to interpret. That's why Proginov uses its BI tool (Proginov Analytics) to create decision support dashboards. Proginov Analytics provides real-time aggregation of operational data.
Users get a macroscopic view of their business. With the select and zoom features, you can click to get a more detailed view to understand how the key indicators are calculated.
The accounting applications are numerous: track customer overdue payments depending on their size, obtain information such as "interim income statement" or cost accounting allocations that offer an aggregate and summarised view of the information with a comparison between several financial years. By clicking on a section, you can go down to the list of accounts and corresponding entries.

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