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Aeronautical sub-contracting

In a sector which is notoriously demanding in matters of security, deadlines and quality, manage your activity with the help of an ERP which provides the essential functions you need to manage sub-contracting: project management, job costing management, industrial configuration, production management, traceability…


An ERP designed for this demanding sector

Proginov ERP is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the aeronautical industry, managing the crucial processes of aircraft assembly, metalwork, founding, electronics, mechanical work (fabrication and maintenance of parts, engines…), plastic elements (plastic injection moulding, thermoforming…), industrial sheet metal work (folding, forming, cutting, working, …), fabrication of adhesives, seats etc.

Effective management of sub-contractors is particularly important in industries governed by strict standards and deadlines, where quality and traceability are of the essence.

From design to delivery

One of the fundamental challenges of the aeronautical industry is the need to manage a hectic order book while complying with exacting standards and requirements, all with a rapid rate of growth.

Helping you rise to these challenges, Proginov ERP offers a comprehensive tool which incorporates project management tools (designs, prototypes…), management of First Article Inspections, job costing management, management of upstream and downstream traceability, production (configuration, scheduling, resource management…), quality control and performance indicators.

Proginov ERP manages relationships with customers (after-sale services) and suppliers (tracking certifications, approval of sub-contractors). The solution is also compatible with EDI applications.

Integrated management for aeronautics

Proginov ERP is a comprehensive, 360° system which allows users to satisfy the technical specifications of customers while abiding by the sector’s rules and standards: risk prevention, quality control, compliance with security regulations etc. This ensures that the essential requirements of aeronautical sub-contracting are satisfied, while keeping deadlines and production costs firmly under control. Our ERP system allows you to calculate your short, medium and long-term requirements, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

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