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Server maintenance in a datacentre room

Proginov Datacentres: secure cloud services

Proginov provides made-to-measure services totally tailored to our customers' requirements.
Owner of two datacentres, Proginov has been a key player in private cloud services since 2001, first by hosting our own ERP and subsequently by expanding that service to host a vast array of business applications and then entire IT infrastructure systems. Our experience and know-how have earned us official accreditation to host health data. We are currently in the process of obtaining ISO 27001 HDS certification.

What are the Proginov Datacentres?

Because the data we host - be they commercial, industrial, fiscal, social or medical - are always critical and confidential, Proginov offers advanced, responsible cloud solutions.
As owner of our datacentres, we can also offer unequivocal commitments regarding the most sensitive aspect of data hosting: network interconnections. Proginov hosting operations are managed by a team of dedicated experts, offering a 24/7 support service. All of these services are based in France. We assume full responsibility for the whole data chain.
At Proginov we work with our customers to outsource their information systems, offering a wide variety of services including operational continuity, monitoring and supervision, back-up management, database administration and optimisation and comprehensive licence management.
We are committed to delivering an impeccable level of service to enhance the user experience.

The added bonus of working with Proginov

In order to guarantee an availability rate of 99.999% (calculated over 10 years), we have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for both of our datacentres. All of your data are backed up in real time in our two datacentres.
The expertise of our engineers spans a vast array of fields: systems architecture (Windows, Linux, Unix, Aix, AS 400), networks, back-up and archiving, databases (Progress, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc.), Citrix, messaging services etc. Proginov's Citrix expertise is particularly appreciated by our customers’ CIOs.

Proginov’s commitments


  • Business Continuity Plan
  • All of our datacentre facilities are backed up in active/active mode
  • Tier III+ Datacentres (for maximum redundancy and availability)
  • Operational Continuity
  • Partnerships with 3 different operators
  • 24/7 support


  • Datacentres based in France and subject to French law
  • Restricted, monitored access to hosting facilities
  • Integrity of all system components during all processing phases
  • No third party responsibility
  • Centralised back-up system with disk arrays and tape library
  • External back-up copies stored in France in a secure archive facility
  • Multiple storage technologies
  • Facilities regularly updated to keep pace with technological developments


  • Proginov owns its infrastructure
  • Encrypted communications
  • Strong authentication
  • CCTV access control
  • Traceability of all activities (connections, application access, etc.)

Global architecture

Virtual servers running in clusters at our two datacentres

Latest-generation firewall for maximum protection

WAN access via private network or by Internet

Our own patented SD-WAN solution

Sas diskSata diskSSD Memory
Fully redundant multi-drive storage technologies in both our datacentres.

Centralised backup system with disc arrays and tape libraries

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