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Strict legal standards for hosting health data

What is health data?

Health data is personal data about the physical or mental health of a person. More broadly, any data collected that contains information about a person’s health is health data. Certification is required to collect, process and store health data, and all processes must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In France, the Data Protection Act and the Public Health Code provide specific requirements for hosting health data in electronic form.

How does this concern you?

As a provider in the healthcare sector (retirement home, skilled nursing facility, hospital, medical laboratory, health software developer, insurance company, etc.) you process digital patient information to ensure they get the right care. The information you receive and/or share is considered sensitive, and may count as medical or health data. In this case, you must comply with the legislation on data security.

ISO 27001 HDS certification

The health data hosting service is designed for all types of healthcare professional and institution, as well as companies working to create specialised solutions in this field.

Our infrastructure and services (ISO 27001 HDS certified) meet the legal requirements in terms of confidentiality and security. Proginov is more then ever recognised as a reliable, long-term player in the field of hosting.

We have many years of experience in providing high quality, secure service, supporting e-health professionals in their digital transformation.

Proginov Healthcare Cloud guarantees health professionals and their patients optimum conditions when it comes to data processing, security, integrity, confidentiality, availability, back-up, monitoring and retrieval of sensitive data.
We also offer a complete hosting solution for any type of business that wants to outsource their IT infrastructure (business applications, ERP, accounting, payroll, productivity software, messaging, networks, telecommunications, etc.).


ISO 27001 certificationHealth Data certified host (HDS)

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