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After-sales service on tablets

To increase the speed and quality of your field service operations, equip your field technicians with our mobile solution. Take your ERP system into the field to make your technicians more efficient and give them the tools and information they need to get the job done right.


For field technicians

Your after-sales technicians, field repair personnel and on-site operators need to communicate with customers, but also with the ERP system, to perform diagnostics, order parts, write service reports, etc.

Manage field service operations and service reports

Technicians can prepare for their service calls and plan out their route, review the information they need, such as the customer profile, the equipment pool, the contract, the construction manuals and more.
They can enter their time and the machine time, the costs, schedule resources for future repairs and write their service reports using fully customisable forms.

Directly connected to the CRM of Proginov ERP, field service management on mobile devices makes reporting easier and more reliable when entered at the site of the operation. They can add the client's signature as well as photos of the parts that need replacing.

Information flows easily between the field teams and office staff: entering time spent, preparing and deploying field service operations, dealing with urgent situations, dispute management, etc.

Enhanced information exchange

Field service management on Proginov Tablet is a multiplatform and multi-device solution that operates in offline mode so as to continue working regardless of network coverage. A powerful replication engine sends data from the Proginov ERP system to mobile devices. This reduces response times and shortens the time between the operation and invoicing.

Proginov Tablet gives all field staff access to ERP data in strict compliance with security rules and user needs.

The application makes mobile devices an extension of the ERP system for use wherever, whenever, in areas with no network service, basements, warehouses and other locations with weak or no Wi-Fi signal, etc.

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