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CRM software

 Key points

Manage the relationship

  • Manage events
  • Create, plan and track interventions with actions (single/multiple)
  • Event, intervention and action histories
  • Link to production management (PO sheets)
  • Link to pool management (equipment sheets)
  • Integration with job costing management
  • Integration with purchases and sales

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Event-driven messaging (via ERP Workflow module)

  • Configurable alert system (customer follow-ups, overdue tasks, etc.)


  • Send actions (customer visits, after-sales interventions) on mobile devices (laptop, smartphone or tablet)
  • Enter data in the field (offline) and attach documents (photos/videos, signatures)
  • Enter events (customer complaints) via a website (standard CMS)

Manage resources

  • Operators, teams, rooms and equipment (customised sheets)
  • Operator/team/equipment/room rights and schedules
  • Calendars and meeting planning (search for optimum time slot and participant availability)
  • Synchronise with Microsoft Outlook® (calendars, contacts)
  • View personal calendar and access other calendars
  • Export to Microsoft© Excel and print calendars
  • List of operator activities by period
  • Manage activity requests (resource booking according to availability and release of resources)

Custom statistics

  • Call, intervention and action statistics

Customisable dashboard templates

  • Manage customer pool providing statistics on the equipment sold
  • Manage and track warranties and extended warranties: replacement or extension, equipment loans during repair, etc.
  • Manage maintenance contract with short- and long-term monitoring
  • Contract profitability
  • Statistics

Manage commercial agreements

  • Commercial cooperation and discounts, volume commitments, free item agreements, customer relationship information

Commercial operations

  • Customer offers: special offer, free item
  • Consumer offers: New promotional tools, discount vouchers, free item agreements, sales drivers (discount, price, gift), etc.

Analysis tools:

  • Analyse late deliveries
  • Analyse account receivables
  • Outstanding receivables
  • Manage batches in anomaly (guaranteed time, return on date)

Monitor the competitors

Manage and send customised emailing

Improved CRM statistical tools (Pareto / ABC analysis)

Configure survey forms (input in Web mode, on a tablet or PC)

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