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Delivery driver with tablet

Delivery management

The mobile delivery management app, paired with Proginov ERP, saves time and increases agility and productivity, as well as real-time inventory visibility.


For all businesses that deliver their own goods

Proginov's delivery management solution is designed for businesses that do not outsource their delivery service, whether they work in distribution or manufacturing. It is designed for any business that delivers its own goods, with the added benefit of being able to monitor refrigeration via temperature readings.

Our mobile application communicates natively with the ERP

The mobile app and the delivery module of Proginov ERP work together. Delivery drivers can visualize their route via the app on a smartphone or tablet. They then make their deliveries (total or partial), report any anomalies and/or returns, which can trigger a credit note in the ERP. They can also report if they were unable to make a delivery and enter information via the comments (closed on Tuesdays, ask for a specific person, location of the key, access code, describe where to deliver the goods, etc.). They can also accept payments and view the customer sheet.

The app can sync with the back office in real time provided there is network coverage, after each delivery or at the end of the route. If online mode is selected, the supervisor can have real-time information on the progress of deliveries, the location of drivers, anomalies, etc. It is also in this back-office part of Proginov ERP that the routes, drivers and backup drivers are scheduled beforehand. The order of deliveries can be changed both in the app and in the back office.

Via a configurable questionnaire, the app manages information useful to human resources and/or fleet maintenance (vehicle mileage, departure time, time spent, kilometres travelled, etc.). This information can later be used for statistical purposes.

Intuitive and paperless

Ergonomic and intuitive, the app has been designed to be easy to learn and use, whether by experienced delivery drivers, new hires, seasonal workers or temporary staffers. The strength of the solution lies in its complete integration with Proginov ERP. This simplifies the logistics of returns: before the delivery driver arrives at the warehouse, the warehouse worker already knows which products are being returned and can returned them to stock with just one click.

And needless to say, our solution is totally paperless. Everything is done from the smartphone or tablet, even the signature of the delivery note by the customer.


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