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Delivery software


Before the route (in Proginov ERP)

  • Multi-device, multi-platform, multi-OS
  • Schedule a route (manual or automatic assignments)
  • Manual or automatic sync
  • Route recaps
  • Assign a driver and/or backup driver
  • Modify routes
  • Request return of goods
  • Create delivery instructions

During the route (mobile application)

  • Track deliveries (colour coding)
  • Manage returns of goods
  • Accept payments
  • When beginning the route: record mileage, lorry temperature, etc.
  • Visualise the route (modifications possible)
  • Report delivery made or not (indicate if customer was absent)
  • Check off products delivered (product by product)
  • Signature of the delivery note
  • View the customer sheet (connect to different GPS applications to display the route)
  • Report information via comments
  • Sync with Proginov ERP after each delivery (if Internet connection available)
  • Report anomalies
  • Close out the route

After the route (in Proginov ERP)

  • Anomaly management program
  • Approve and receive goods returns
  • Return to stock
  • Generate credit note (with reason)
  • Manage the order of routes (a route change can become a regular route)
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