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Key points

Quotation, quote, trading

2D view

  • 2D colour and texture rendering coupled with the configurator
  • Generate and add images to quotations, purchase orders, etc.

Configurator for complex orders with variants

  • Enter commercial and production characteristics into a shared knowledge base controlled by an integrated configurator
  • Online configurator

Optimised cutting

Make-to-order production

  • Complete product cycle (timber, PVC, aluminium)
  • Concepts of opening frame and fixed sash
  • Purchases/Stock/Production cycle
  • Requirements planning/scheduling/planning
  • Numerically-controlled machine interface
  • Installation hardware
  • Delivery routes

Real-time management

  • Custom products (non-catalogue) with variants
  • Specific bills of materials and routings

Standardised management of business-specific requirements

  • System configurator to generate an order from a generic product and its production variants in order to obtain a specific end product

Automated calculations from order to delivery

Quality process and complete product traceability

Commercial service

  • Instantaneous price offers and quotations
  • Ability to resume quotations
  • Terms of sale and discounts linked to variants
  • Immediate identification of lead-times depending on resource availability (in terms of components and workload)

Design office

  • Simplified design tasks: updated rules
  • Easily manage technical data
  • Interfaces with CAD systems
  • Data integration


  • Production triggered as soon as the order is received
  • Exhaustive management of production and consumption sheets
  • Optimised scheduling
  • Simple productivity indicators
  • Numerically-controlled machine interface


  • Generate statistics and specific information about the order through simple querying
  • Manage commissions, special price offers (single price list), purchase proposals, price requests, purchase orders
  • Calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
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