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Cross-platform applications

Collaborative web

Facilitate exchanges with your customers, suppliers, members, partners, logistics companies and accountants, thanks to the completely secure Proginov Web platform. The Collaborative Web platform lets you share data from the ERP system, in strict accordance with confidentiality and security standards.


Information sharing is key

With Proginov Web, all your communities can remain connected, including office staff, field staff, personnel on business trips, customers, suppliers, members, partners, logistics companies, accountants, etc.

Web extensions of the ERP

Give your customers a tool that lets them manage their requests and view progress reports. Access history and event statistics.

HR Portal

Directly connected to Proginov HR, the HR portal lets your employees check their paid leave balance and send new requests. Users identified as team managers will be able to approve or deny the requests, while checking the schedule of the teams in question.

EDM, Electronic Document Management

Online EDM makes it possible to gain secure access to your hosted documents combining a secure environment with an easy-to-use Web interface. It can be used internally and externally through user rights (a buying group can share documents with its members, for example).

Web configurator

Create and publish online scenarios for designing complex products for the general public or industry.


Speed up your business decision-making process. Access and validate your workflows from any web browser, from your computer or mobile device, without having to be connected to the ERP system.

Keep customers informed

Collaborative work significantly increases the flow of information, thus promoting creativity and productivity. With the collaborative Proginov Web solution, project management becomes easier and more transparent. Improve you customer relationship through proactive communication, to keep customers fully informed.

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