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Workflow software

 Key points

Manage usage contexts (trigger points in the Proginov ERP system)

  • Standard (preconfigured) contexts: customer management, purchase order management, product bill of materials management, etc.
  • Specific contexts (user-modifiable)

Manage templates

  • Define steps
  • Define transitions (condition making it possible to move from one step to another)
  • Define actions triggered when a user moves from one step to the next
  • Send messages on screen, by email or by text
  • Block/unblock data
  • Execute instructions

Create and modify templates in graphical mode

Manage rights

  • By user or user group

Trace events

  • History of access to the various workflow templates

Create approval paths (signatures)

  • Create a Workflow template that requires signing/approval by one or more people before data is distributed (i.e. creation of a new customer, modification of a product bill of materials, creation of a purchase order)

Approve input

  • Create a Workflow template that checks the consistency of information entered by users

Create alerts

  • In real time (alert message displayed directly on screen)
  • Deferred (message sent by email or text to the relevant people or message when the menu is opened)

Import/export templates in XML format

Manage web-based workflows (smartphones, tablets)

  • Send workflow alerts by email followed by secure access to online entry via a link
  • View workflows (depending on user rights)
  • Approve workflows online
  • Manage the workflows accessible from the Proginov CMS

EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)

  • Scan mailboxes, network or FTP directories
  • Configure interfaces with error checks
  • Automated EDI import/export with error checks
  • Export configurable dashboards (via Proginov Lab module)
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