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Share your data in a standardised format

Go paperless and reduce errors and disputes with EDI.

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents (orders, delivery notes, invoices, etc.) in a standard electronic format between business partners. EDI provides standards for exchanging data via any electronic means.
In practice, for customers, for example, a company can issue or receive orders, shipping notices, invoices, etc. by EDI. The company exchanges standardised electronic messages with its business partners (suppliers, customers, carriers, etc.) who can interpret the messages and automatically integrate the data in their information systems. The status of an invoice, an order, a delivery, etc. can easily be tracked. Any errors or anomalies are identified and can immediately be corrected.

Who can use EDI?

All companies that deal with large volumes or work with providers who require it can use EDI in customer/supplier relationships, logistics, etc.

EDI provides many benefits:

  • No re-keying of documents, eliminating low value-added tasks
  • Major time savings when dealing with large volumes
  • Fewer risks of errors and disputes through automated data processing
  • No more need to process and archive paper documents
  • Paperless invoicing possible
  • Traceability of exchanged messages

Fully integrated with the ERP, Proginov EDI allows a single point of contact.


Customers flows
ORDERS Orders received from your EDI customers RECEPTION
ORDRSP Order receipt acknowledgments sent to your EDI customers ISSUE
DESADV Shipping notice sent to your EDI customers ISSUE
INVOIC Invoices sent to your EDI customers ISSUE
+... ... ...
Logistics flows / carriers
HANMOV Merchandise picking orders sent to your logistics providers
DESADV Delivery acknowledgements received from your logistics providers RECEPTION
IFCSUM Multiple transport orders sent to your carriers ISSUE
+... ... ...
Supplier flows
ORDERS Orders sent to your EDI suppliers
ORDRSP Order receipt acknowledgments received from your EDI suppliers
DESADV Shipping notice received from your EDI suppliers
INVOIC Invoices received from your EDI suppliers
+... ... ...
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