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Automotive sector

Automotive Sector Management Solution

General settings

  • Customised configuration for different types of business
  • Configurable, customisable equipment pools
  • New and used equipment sales
  • Checklists
  • Manage service and labour
  • Different customer terms for dealership and workshop
  • Import meter report files
  • Integrate price lists

Anomaly reports


  • Resume a commercial quotation

Daily work

  • Enter check-in slip (CIS)
  • Track daily times
  • Repair orders
  • Workshop schedule and customer appointments
  • Invoicing
  • Workshop package option
  • Operator productivity
  • Assign operators to repair orders, with real-time calendar update
  • Update inspection dates
  • Spare parts preparation flows
  • Multi-owner management and line invoicing

Other work

  • Histories and statistics
  • Daily work statistics
  • Automatic reminders for periodic inspections
  • Equipment and intervention histories
  • Profitability analysis
  • Additional features
  • Manage returnable packaging: returnable packaging slips, customer returns tracking
  • Automatic integration of supplier and EDI data (the EDI interfaces developed for the automotive parts market are Golda-approved)

Workshop business intelligence dashboard (see Proginov Analytics documentation)

Vehicle diagnostics with a tablet in connected mode

  • Enter vehicle damage on tablets


  • Time spent per repair order and per operator
  • Business intelligence management (Proginov Analytics)

Applications for RF terminals

  • Enter workshop time
  • Repair order parts issues
  • Enter check-in slips

Links to electronic catalogues (ETAI, Truckissimo, etc.)

Vehicle rental

  • Manage contracts
  • Contract amendment, renewal and termination
  • Rented product returns based on contracts
  • Planned movements (arrivals and departures)
  • View rental schedule: automatic updating of the registered rented products calendar by rental period
  • Automatically invoice contracts by period, for a customer, etc.
  • Penalties on early return (% or amount by rental duration, current period, end of contract)
  • Active reception

Warehouse management (see WMS documentation)

Field service management on mobile devices (see Proginov Tablet documentation)

Mobile sales force management (see Proginov Tablet documentation)

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