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Accounting and Finances software

 Key features


  • Customisable charts of accounts
  • Multi-company, multicurrency and multilingual accounting
  • Entity management
  • User-controlled access, user-customisable menu
  • Set reports: dashboard design
  • VAT on debits and receipts
  • Archived fiscal years can be viewed in real time
  • Customisable input masks
  • Subscription management
  • Intrastat declaration and European Declaration of Services
  • Withholding tax preparation
  • Multi-criteria document search
  • Simulated entries
  • Budget and review management
  • Configurable import/export of postings
  • Storage of external documents in EDM
  • Customisable external documents
  • Integration of bank transfers and payroll operations (linked to Proginov HR)

Customer management

  • Integration of sales invoices
  • Management of cheque and bills of exchange portfolios
  • Reminder strategy and history
  • Doubtful receivables management
  • Wide range of customer tracking reports (aged balance, payment schedule, etc.)
  • Display and printing of invoices from commercial management
  • Dispute management
  • Dematerialised entry of cheques
  • Reminder strategies with scenario and call tracking (linked to Proginov ERP CRM)
  • Customer IBAN confirmation process

Supplier management

  • Integration of invoices from commercial management
  • Automatic payment of suppliers (bank transfers, cheque letters, etc.)
  • Management of BOEs payable and teletransmitted notifications
  • Wide range of supplier tracking reports (debt position, etc.)
  • Dematerialised entry of cheques
  • Payment approval workflow
  • Supplier IBAN confirmation process

Cash flow management

  • Calculation of planned value dates in accordance with banking terms
  • Cash flow budget management based on accounting budgets
  • Graphic bank positions
  • Integrated, plannable electronic banking (EBICS/EBICS TS)
  • Bank transfers and direct debits
  • Automatic or manual bank reconciliation
  • Automatic generation of bank postings
  • Integration of forecasts
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Checking of banking conditions
  • Link to management for integration of order books
  • Financing: loans, self-financing, grants, leases
  • Remuneration of partner current accounts
  • Short term credits

Fixed asset management

  • Complies with CRC2002-10 (incorporating I.A.S. standards)
  • Multicomponent management
  • Automatic generation of postings for disposals, depreciation and provisions, and shares of investment grants
  • Restatement management (change of term or method)
  • Investments (SICAV)
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