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Simplify your banking interchanges

With the end of the Transpac network and therefore the ETEBAC protocol, a new interchange protocol has been established by the CFONB , known as EBICS. This is already operational.

SEPA standard

In parallel, the SEPA standard will become mandatory at the end of February 2014 for transfers and withdrawals by European companies.

The SEPA project launched by the European banking community in 2002 with the support of Eurosystem and the European Commission, which brings together the 32 European Union Member States along with Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, aims to harmonise euro payment systems throughout Europe.

It should be noted that the combination of the SEPA format and the EBICS protocol will result in considerable savings for companies, as the cost will be the same for both domestic and European transactions.

And to help businesses with their day-to-day management, Proginov Finance also provides a reliable interbank service for priority transfers. What's more, with its integrated banking module, the Proginov accounting system prevents data re-entry and offers automatic bank reconciliation. You can also automatically generate accounting entries from your unreconciled bank transactions.

EBICS TS electronic banking

Proginov now works with the EBICS TS protocol (TS for Transport Signature). Designed to replace ETEBAC 5, this protocol offers a superior level of security:

  • reciprocal authentication (verifying the identity of the sending party and the bank receiving the payment)
  • encoding (protecting data to ensure the integrity and fidelity of all files transmitted)
  • electronic signature (sent at the same time as the file, with a single or double signature required).

All information and transactions are thus secured with the help of these signature certificates issued by a certifying authority. While interbank transfers already allow companies to save a considerable amount of time, they can now be conducted via a highly-secure communication protocol. Added benefits of Proginov Finance: 

  • access to a Web Portal to sign off on pending transactions
  • management of PSR (Payment Statut Report): when a file is accepted by the bank, an email notification is sent automatically to the client making the payment
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