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More than a simple ESN, Proginov Connect is an ERP-integrated portal

Proginov's collaborative portal offers all the features you'd expect from an enterprise social network. But what really sets it apart is its integration with Proginov ERP, allowing users to exchange information from their ERP systems with their contacts, whether or not they use the same system.

A social network designed for small and medium-sized businesses

The advantages of an enterprise social network are often self-evident. Employees may feel overwhelmed by the flood of emails hitting their inbox, old IT tools are ineffective when it comes to archiving, and exchanging information when working in project mode can often be frustratingly difficult. And if your company works across multiple locations, with employees on the move (sales reps, project managers, delivery drivers, service engineers etc.), effective communication is indispensable. Proginov Connect is designed for companies working with Proginov ERP and in need of a more effective communication tool.

Centralise information and facilitate communication

Proginov Connect has all the features you'd expect from an enterprise social network: communities, profiles, notifications, comments, messages etc. The portal makes it easy to access information from your computer, but also from your smartphone, whether or not you are an ERP user. With Proginov Connect, it’s easy to share documents on joint projects and in working groups, simplifying collaborations and boosting productivity. The video feature opens up a vast array of potential applications, from e-learning modules to product promotions, employee motivation programmes and best practice guides. The network also allows new employees to access the full history of the projects assigned to them.

Integrated with your ERP

What sets Proginov Connect apart from similar systems is that it is fully integrated with your ERP software, greatly facilitating the reporting and collection of useful information. In the next version of the network, currently in development, a detailed project management dashboard will provide users with an immediate overview of all the vital aspects of their projects (task management, progress, etc.). It will also include the option of opening up the application to users outside your company (customers, suppliers, etc.) in order to collaborate on specific projects. Of course these access rights will be securely managed, with an interface designed to offer maximum ease of communication while also maintaining data security.


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