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Proginov application on tablet

Mobile sales force

Take your ERP system into the field to make your sales force more effective. The mobile solution for your sales force will save time, boost performance and reduce your time-to-sale.


Sales are the key to business

Sales reps have always been most effective in the field. But laptops, tablets and smartphones have greatly increased the exchange of information with customers and sales administration. Designed for field efficiency, Proginov Tablet facilitates information sharing and thus shortens the time between the order and delivery to the customer.

Self-sufficient field sales reps

The Sales Force version of Proginov Tablet manages all aspects of sales in the field: view customer prospect profiles, take orders and enter quotations, view product catalogues and pricing, manage customer requirements, enter payments, view administrative and other types of documents, etc.

Each user can also fill out their activity tracking forms and personalised questionnaires. Access to statistics (sales/margins by product, by sales rep, etc.) will give them an idea of how they are performing. The sales manager can view the results of the entire team.

Proginov Tablet is the mobile application that lets all field staff use the ERP system. Time-tested to be efficient and functional, it provides the vital link between field teams and office staff.

Sales, anywhere, all the time

The Proginov Tablet Mobile Sales Force solution is multiplatform (Windows, iOS, Android) and works offline, ensuring continuity in taking orders. Regardless of network coverage, the sales reps always have access to the data they need.

Fully integrated, Proginov Tablet communicates at the heart of the ERP system without gateways. Information is processed and shared quickly. In online mode, all actions are processed in real time (viewing of stock, sending an order for preparation, etc.).

And when it comes to administration, the mobile fleet is easy to manage. Customisable at will, the application can be configured to best meet your needs. You can define user profiles and rules to secure access and ensure that your ERP data remain confidential.

Our solutions is fast and easy to deploy: a new sales rep will learn to use the application intuitively.


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