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Mobile sales force software


Prepare sales calls

  • Connect to head office to retrieve updated information
  • Access set statistics and graphs
  • Access individual sales representatives' performance
  • View upcoming customer visits along with the customer sheet
  • View outstanding receivables
  • Track sales entries (quotation/order/delivery note/invoice)
  • Customer sheet
    • Display customer list and search by name, customer code, city, keyword, postal code or telephone number
    • Create and modify customer/prospect sheets
    • Manage conflicts with the central database when creating records
    • Detailed sales statistics
    • Detailed outstanding receivables
    • Display products present in the sales journal
    • Create orders
    • Create memos
    • View special offers in progress, customer pricing terms, customer outstanding and history of sales documents, addresses and contacts
    • Access customer's equipment pool
    • Manage contacts (create/modify)
    • History of administrative documents
    • Visit report
    • Access survey forms
    • View the history of invoiced products

Get the job done

  • View item stock
  • Enter quotations and orders
  • View customer terms, volume commitments
  • View the history of quotations, orders and delivery notes for the customer
  • Enter payments received in person
  • Enter orders
    • Display customer terms/product sheet
    • Do product searches
    • Customer delivery address, with option of making changes
    • Multiple input (via sales journal, special offer, customer and item referencing)
    • Display the latest products invoiced
    • Calculate prices the same as in the ERP
  • Detailed item entry
    • Product sheet details
    • Display technical and/or sales description of the product
    • Display product photos
    • Display margins in data entry grids
    • Quantity of the customer’s last five orders
    • View customer’s discounts with option of putting the product through free of charge
    • Actual stock and packaging and last customer selling price
    • View invoiced product history, product stock, equipment pool and volume commitments
  • Operational marketing
    • Enter a satisfaction survey
    • Opinion poll
  • Add photos
  • Add a customer signature

Reporting and follow-up

  • Create visit reports
  • Access the ERP internal messaging system to communicate with the Back Office
    • View messages received
    • Create messages and view the list of possible recipients
  • Access individual sales representatives' tracking and results
    • Access set statistics
    • Connect to the head office to retrieve updated information (products, customers, sales journal)
  • Connect to the head office to submit the day’s orders
    • Send orders via Edge/3G/4G/Wi-Fi (or mobile data network)
    • View transfer statistics (number of orders, , etc.)
  • Access the visit report history
  • Team leader mode (enables team leader to ‘log in’ as a member of their team)
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