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Project management software

 Key points


  • Link to job costing management
  • Link to resource management (equipment, people, teams and calendars)
  • Link to purchases and sales (sales and purchase orders)
  • Link to production management for integration into schedule
  • Link to Electronic Document Management (EDM) for storage of all documents and deliverables
  • Link to the workflow engine to facilitate communication between the various people involved in a project and manage approval processes

Secure databases

  • User rights by zone, function and project
  • Customisable search and informative criterion

Project templates

  • Centralise key project data such as general information, budget, constraints, progress, etc. (configurable data sheet)
  • Split up projects into phases and tasks
  • Estimated durations and provisional workloads for each task
  • Automatic consolidation of durations and workloads on higher levels
  • Workload progress as a percentage or in time spent
  • Project task dependencies and cut-off dates
  • Design and use configurable project templates


  • Assign resources by name and/or role
  • Manage human and physical resources
  • Automatically send information to operators
  • Enter time spent and expenses for resources
  • Synchronise project schedule with Microsoft Outlook©


  • Book resources
  • Manage resource availability and release


  • Single or multi-project view
  • View workload by resource or period (configurable)
  • User-customisable display
  • View anomalies (e.g. lack of resources allocated to a task)


  • Budget analysis (in hours and amount)
  • View multiple-job workload and progress
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