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Key points

Aeronautical sub-contracting software

job costing management

  • Job sheet
  • Manage budgets
  • Manage the job cost price
  • Enter times per job
  • Enter expenses per job
  • Allocate resources (equipment, operators)
  • Compare planned/actual data per job
  • Analysis reports, dashboards
  • Multi-job analysis
  • Customisable statistics

Project Management

  • Integration
    • Link to job costing management
    • Link to resource management (equipment, people, teams and calendars)
    • Link to purchases and sales (sales and purchase orders)
    • Link to production management for integration into schedule
    • Link to Electronic Document Management (EDM) for storage of all documents and deliverables: i.e. plans, conformity certificates, control reports, FAI, etc.
    • Link to the workflow engine to facilitate communication between the various people involved in a project and manage approval processes
  • Secure database access
  • Create project templates
    • Centralise key project data such as general information, budget, constraints, progress, etc. (configurable data sheet)
    • Split up projects into phases and tasks
    • Estimate durations and provisional workloads for each task
    • Automatic consolidation of durations and workloads on higher levels
    • Workload progress as a percentage or in time spent
    • Project task dependencies and cut-off dates
    • Design and use configurable project templates
    • Cross-control workflows for processes (consistency of validated data by authorised staff)
  • Resource management
  • View projects
  • Budgets

Production management

  • PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)
  • Technical data
    • Manage processes (production methods)
    • Manage bills of materials and routings
    • Manage workshop resources (work centres, machines, tools, etc.)
    • Manage indices
  • Forecasting/planning
    • Company, team, operator, machinery activity calendars
    • Operator schedule per work centre
    • Time regimes
    • Sales and Operations Planning
    • Master Production Schedule (MPS) and sales forecasts
    • Graphic and dynamic views (Gantt chart) of the production plan (machine and tooling workloads).
  • Quality/traceability
    • Manage batches/registrations
    • Batch characteristics
    • Print production controls
    • Control production quality
    • Control operation quality
    • Manage product nonconformity (8D files)
    • Manage certifications
    • Product history sheet
  • Monitor production
    • Requirements planning
    • Manage releases
    • Schedule production orders, automatically or manually
    • Graphic and dynamic view (Gantt chart) of scheduling, machines, tools
    • Release production orders with booking of component stock.
    • Manage subcontracting
    • Manage production work-in-progress
    • Statement of production, consumption and operations (time spent)
    • Operator productivity and productivity indicators (production report)
    • Production indicator summary
  • Value and manage deviations
    • Calculate standard costs of items
    • Value product stock at weighted average cost per unit
    • Actual cost of production, with origin of deviations
    • Production reports (summary)
    • Production frequency (average) of products over a given period
    • Measure activity and production load
    • Update technical data based on actual productions
    • Cost analysis (or cost allocation)
    • Configurable interfaces with numerically-controlled machines

Customer Relationship Management

  • Manage the relationship and after-sales service
  • Event-driven messaging (via ERP Workflow module)
  • Mobility
  • Manage resources
  • Customisable dashboard templates
  • Analysis tools
    • Analyse late deliveries
    • Analyse account receivables
    • Outstanding receivables
    • Manage batches in anomaly (guaranteed time, return on date)

Supplier Relationship Management

  • Rank suppliers (compliance with deadlines, costs, etc.)
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