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On-line Payment

Secure e-commerce transactions

It's hard for e-commerce to work without a payment system, so the Proginov ERP system incorporates the Paybox secure payment solution by Point Group, a recognised player on the on-line and mobile payments market.

Integration into and configuration of your BtoB and BtoC e-commerce sites takes place directly from the ERP, using the integrated Proginov CMS .

Options available:

  • How it works: the Internet user logs in, places his order and enters his credit card details. Once the transaction has been completed and validated by Paybox, the order is saved like a "conventional" order in the Proginov commercial management system.
  • Payment integrated into the site or Paybox page opens separately (secure https connection in both cases)
  • Proginov CMS back-office: payment validation (and email sent to contact)
  • Paybox back-office allows for complete payment management (direct payment by bank card, cheque references, cancellation, refunds, etc.)
  • Order payment summary
  • Deferred payment, in instalments
  • Secure payment through 3D Secure
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