Proginov Cloud

Much more than just a cloud

Facts and figures

2001 First hosted solution marketed

400 hosted customers

100 Gbps bandwidth (in the data centre network core)

+200,000 connections/month

6 TB of data transferred/month

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IBM Flex System Find out about setting up IBM Flex System solutions as part of the Proginov Cloud.

Towards a responsible cloud

Because cloud computing isn't just restricted to hosting, Proginov provides a responsible solution, incorporating every aspect of the business management chain.

Proginov owns and controls its infrastructure, thus guaranteeing that your data will remain secure and confidential.

All of Proginov's hosting servers are located on our premises in France. Your data is therefore entirely under French jurisdiction and is never entrusted to third parties. Proginov handles all of the processing and storage of your company's information.