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Sale on digital tablet in a store

Mobile POS system

The mobile POS system lets you process sales anywhere, for a truly mobile selling experience.


A new form of payment processing for new forms of retailing

New forms of retailing are constantly emerging. To meet these new needs, Proginov Tablet offers a mobile touchscreen POS application. The Proginov Tablet application provides a solution for mobile payment processing at markets and food-trucks, pop-up shops and stores that need extra cash registers periodically, or for roaming sales assistants on the retail store floor who can process sales on the spot.

As powerful as a fixed system

The mobile application can process sales quickly, from any type of device, regardless of the OS used.

The payment screen offers button entry, manages families and dialogues via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with a display, cash drawer, printer or payment terminal. Payments are processed just like at a regular cash register, with advanced functions including % discount, free items, returns and vouchers.

Several sales receipts can be started simultaneously and the solution helps servers offer the best value for the customer (fixed price menus), and even shows the amount of money saved.

To shorten lines at checkout, the sales assistant can begin scanning items in the store aisles with a tablet. The current sales receipt is then sent to a central cash register where the payment is processed when the customer is ready to check-out.

Finally, like at a fixed cash register, statistics and full (Z) closeout receipts can be viewed.

Proginov Tablet cash register software complies with the security, data retention, inalterability and archiving requirements of the cash register software certification law, based on the recommendations of standard NF 525.

Toggle online/offline seamlessly

Easy to use and install, the mobile POS application can handle large volumes of sales receipts, for instance in fast food restaurants. It operates in offline mode when no connection is available, and sales will automatically flow into the ERP when the unit goes back online, without having to activate a special mode, thanks to the powerful replication engine.

After the data are sent to the ERP, the back office takes over. The applications are natively integrated with the ERP, for full integration in real time, with no interface required. Proginov Tablet gives all field staff access to ERP data in strict compliance with security rules and user needs. The application makes mobile devices an extension of the ERP system for use wherever, whenever, in areas with no network service, locations with weak or no Wi-Fi signal, food-trucks or anywhere else.


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