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Proginov ERP manages the specific business challenges of the horticulture sector: available-to-promise management, roll cage management, etc.

Plant sales and distribution

This module is for businesses in the horticulture sector who sell and distribute plants. This business solution is ideally suited to the specific needs of nurseries, horticulturists, suppliers and garden centres.

Business-specific needs

Proginov ERP manages all crucial stages of the sale and distribution of plants, including purchasing, sales, inventory, logistics, and payment processing. Business-specific needs, such as cash management or management of rolls cages are also included.

Integrated solution

Fully integrated, the Proginov ERP solution covers the company’s entire management chain, from purchasing to production, from retail distribution to project sites (for example, green roofing), and even features BtoB and BtoC e-commerce.
Increase productivity and efficiency with Proginov ERP, a modular and scalable solution..


  • Invoicing chain: quotation, order, delivery, invoicing
  • Graphic schedule of order picking
  • Manage orders by sales journal
  • Manage orders by referencing
  • Manage invoices and financial credit notes
  • Enter orders directly into available-to-promise stock with corresponding adjustment
  • Calculate and view roll cages
  • Barcode labels
  • Product catalogue, multi-supplier, concepts of equivalent and substitute items, variations, batch management, registrations, quality control, direct order, logistics
  • Species, varieties, plant characteristics, conditions
Price lists
  • Manage pricing terms (purchase/sales)
  • Commercial cooperation
  • And much more
  • Multi-supplier, multi-warehouse
  • Create and send by fax or email
Roll cages
  • Manage returns
  • Roll cage status by customer, carrier
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