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EDM software

 Key points

Multi-folder management

  • Concept of public/private/system folders
  • Specific settings for each folder
  • Search and informative criterion functions
  • Manage chapters and sub-chapters

Tree structure view of documents

  • Concept of internal/external documents
  • Create shortcuts and aliases to external documents
  • Edit documents in decentralised mode
  • Use search criteria
  • Associate documents and attachments

Search by criteria or keywords (tags)

Full text search

Automatic archiving from a scanner

  • Configure destination folders
  • Configure search criteria (keywords)

Archiving from the Proginov ERP

  • Documents generated by the Proginov ERP system (quotations, delivery notes, invoices, etc.)
  • View archived documents from the ERP system

Deferred document archiving

  • Concept of pending documents

Document history

  • Store different document versions

Traceability of changes to folders and documents

  • View document properties
  • View histories of actions on files (view, modify, print, delete, etc.)

Recycle bin management

Customised document lists

  • Configure columns
  • Dynamic colour change depending on the column values

Security and access rights to documents

  • Rights by location and rights by user/group

Email/fax documents

  • Compression options

Import multiple documents based on criteria

Document statistics

  • Distribution by EDM criteria (customer, type), by the document creator, by date, etc.

Pre-saved Word templates

Integration into the environment

  • Add external documents: Microsoft© Office suite, Windows, etc.
  • Automatic import (with batch confirmation) of documents from other applications, scanned documents, etc.
  • Export by document or directory
  • Event-driven alerts (workflow) on EDM actions (document creation, modification, etc.)
  • Copy & paste for integration into a Microsoft Outlook® message
  • Windows shortcut to an EDM document
  • Automatically generate CRM events
  • Manage user help folders

Web access to the EDM (from the Proginov CMS)

  • Download documents or compressed folders
  • Send documents by email
  • Group several documents into a single email
  • Search contacts (access to the ERP contact database)
  • Create documents
  • Trace actions (view, download, modify, etc.)
  • Dynamic full text search on authorised documents
  • Multi-criteria search
  • Discussion forum: post messages with attached documents
  • Share internal and external documents according to the rights defined in the ERP system

ERP Integration

  • View documents in the Proginov ERP files
  • EDM component on the Proginov ERP portal
  • Insert items from the EDM system (logos, terms and conditions, attachments for an email, etc.) in ERP documents
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