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Distribution sector


Buying and distribution groups

For buying groups and distribution networks that want a one-stop solution for all their needs.
  • Remote access to buying group data
  • Product databases
  • Data exchange platform (suppliers, stores, customers)
  • Store referencing
  • Purchasing files
  • Logistics - WMS
  • Optimisation of procurement
  • Multi-pricing

Specialised store networks

For stores and specialised networks that manage multiple distribution channels.
  • Inter-store transfers
  • Order consolidation
  • Commercial operations and discounts
  • Integrated e-commerce portal
  • Checkout stations

Food store networks

For stores and food distribution networks that require precise management of fresh foods and ultra-fast payment processing.
  • Intuitive entry, short learning curve
  • Stand-alone mode (payment processing terminal in backup mode)
  • Dual screen
  • Cash register scales (IPFNA test certification)
  • Mobile POS on tablet

Clothing store networks

For shops and networks that manage sizes and colours and want to boost sales
  • Seasons and restocking
  • Special offer management (emailing, etc.)
  • POS terminals: returns, credit notes, refunds
  • Loyalty, discount and gift vouchers
  • Inventory management
  • Reservation
  • Store business intelligence
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