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    Manage your commercial business and optimise your sales


    The aim of the Proginov ERP system is to manage the stages in the life of a product, from production to sale, from procurement, inventory and statistics management to after-sales service. It is designed to meet the needs of all types of companies, in terms of both functions and volumes processed.

    Commerce, a challenge for companies

    Business management is important in all businesses regardless of their size. Whether you are wholesaler, dealer or manufacturer, you need to consolidate information in one tool natively integrated with CRM, mobile applications, accounting, etc.

    If you have a commercial activity, whether it is your core business or not, Proginov ERP is the right solution for you. Our multi-company, multicurrency, multilingual, multi-establishment, multi-warehouse system supports your international development..

    Add value to your business

    Proginov ERP helps you optimise your inventory and streamline interactions with your customers, suppliers and partners. Our comprehensive solution manages sales, products and customers, and also provides product life cycle management (PLM), warehouse management (Mobile WMS), EDM, etc. It handles all the major aspects of commerce: purchasing, logistics, marketing, sales, and production if needed.

    Whether your sales force is on site or in the field, the solution lets them devote themselves to their jobs. Proginov ERP is easy to tailor to your activity and brings added value to your business.

    Proginov ERP, an agile and comprehensive solution

    Fully integrated, the Proginov ERP commercial management solution integrates all your sales channels (e-commerce, mobile sales force, retail points of sale, etc.). It also provides after-sales service, which has become a key component of a company's reputation.
    The data cube and Proginov Analytics offer you various in-depth analyses, from a macro vision down to the finest detail. Available in the cloud, Proginov ERP supports you in your growth.
    With our solution, it's easy to equip a new sales rep, open a new platform or a new point of sale.

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