Customised concrete production

Soriba was founded in 1974 as a limited liability company (SARL) specialised in the production of architectural concrete and precast concrete staircases. Today, the company has become a simplified joint-stock company (SAS) and has adapted to the latest French thermal standards (RT 2012, BBC) by innovating with its new range of Bétomur RTh® products. This achievement was possible by rethinking its production methods and tools and called for a significant investment in the construction of a new state-of-the-art plant at Challans, which has been operational since May 2011. Soriba's management has historically relied on the Proginov ERP system and one of the imperatives was to minimise IT costs while maintaining the standard Proginov solution.

Stéphane Garnier, Soriba's Managing Director, recollects the technical and economic shift made by his company since 2010 in order to meet the new energy regulations in the construction sector.

"Adapting to the market"
Stéphane Garnier tells us: "In the 2000s, the concrete market experienced a technological transformation due to changes in the increasingly stringent French thermal regulations, with RT 2000, 2005 then 2012. Until then our flagship products had been our architectural concretes, used by architects to customise façades. The Thermal Regulations changed everything as it no longer made any sense to make beautiful concrete if you then had to apply external insulation.
As a result, we began to think about how to incorporate the new standards while retaining an attractive concrete facing. That was how our Betomur RT® range came into being. Today, it accounts for more than half of our production."

"Minimise IT costs with standard solutions"
S.G.: "We had been working with Proginov for a long time, and we wanted to continue this collaboration, but without huge investments in response to changes in our production in particular. We had confidence in the standard Proginov ERP solution, and believed that it would be capable of meeting our new needs. We had to limit upgrade costs while using all the resources of the standard solution. To do so, we took the time to enter as much data as possible into the database by anticipating our future needs.
The result is that the Proginov ERP system is able to meet almost all our needs. The upgrade was carried out seamlessly."

"Unified management for custom products"
Today, Soriba uses the Proginov management solution on a daily basis in hosted mode both for commercial and production management and accounting and payroll.
S.G.: "Our business-specific challenge is that we manufacture custom products. Our business is balanced primarily between the production of precast staircases (Fontenay-le-Comte site), our Bétomur® range and architectural concrete (Challans site). The production constraints are multiple and often complex.
For example, for staircases, we have about 25 separate product types, each with a specific bill of materials; as for Bétomur®, it is 100% customised. Each piece is different with particular constraints that vary from case to case in terms of size, thickness and facing.
For CAD, we use SolidWorks and Allplan. The bills of materials generated are saved in the Proginov database and we can use them for more precise inventory management or import them into an order. The Proginov production management module provides the main functions in its standard version, such as material requirement planning, cost price calculation, prices with freight prepaid, etc.
We also use the standard CMMS modules (maintenance management), Human Resource management with for example time management, timetracker (with backup mode), distribution by job and production, management of temporary workers, etc.
Another advantage of the Proginov ERP system, and not the least, is its requester. It allows us to customise our information searches quickly without using complicated solutions and helps us to be autonomous."

"The security of the Cloud"
Since 2003, Soriba has opted for hosted mode, which suits them perfectly.
S.G.: "We are so used to working in outsourced mode that we no longer have any doubts at all about its benefits. Entrusting our management data to a third party was first and foremost a question of trust in Proginov.
The life of the company greatly depends on the durability of the model and of course the guarantee of maximum security and confidentiality. Choosing to manage our information system ourselves would have surely cost us as much, but we would not have had the same level of skills and resources. With Proginov Cloud, we are assured that we have the best technology at all times and permanent access to our data. Only CAD files are hosted in our system because of their large size and because they are less critical. The great advantage of the Cloud is that we work on a single database from multiple sites and share information easily."
In order to guarantee maximum connectivity close to 100%, Proginov has installed a ProgiBox unit at Soriba. It allows multihoming management and thus avoids network failures that could affect production.

"Where standard is customised"
S.G.: "With the Proginov ERP system, we have achieved our goal, which was to use the standard version of the software to meet the specific challenges of customised concrete production."