Proginov ERP

A comprehensive management solution with an extensive range of functions meeting most business-specific challenges.

Commercial & industrial management

Be in control of all the stages in the life of your products.

Accounting & Finance

An intuitive approach in strict compliance with accounting procedures.


The payroll solution that adapts to your business while incorporating changes in regulatory requirements.

Human Resources

Optimise your company's biggest asset.

Production Management

For the automotive, agri-food, plastic, and other industries.


Optimise product and stock movement information along the whole supply chain.

Sales Force

Make everyday work easier for your sales teams with mobile solutions.

CMMS Maintenance

Manage the lifecycle of your company's equipment pool.

Job-based Management

To meet the needs of industrial businesses that manufacture to order.


Take care of every aspect of your relationship with your customers.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

A concise overview of your business for efficient decision-making.

Project Management

Budget your human and physical resources.


Manage, control and share key business data.


Facilitate the steps of your workflows.


Increase your number of sales channels

Supply Chain

Manage your supply chains


Design and adjust the recipes for your products.

After-sales services

Support your customers for the long run


From contract management and booking to financing

Timetracker and time management

Make the most of your HR time.

Marine Payroll

Payroll for crews.